East Gippsland Adventure Challenge

2nd - 3rd December, 2017

East Gippsland Challenge is an exciting weekend of racing, and has something for everyone. East Gippsland Challenge offers three races for all the adventure lovers.

Arrive Friday afternoon, go to the briefing and dinner, grab your racing packs, meet your mates, pack your gear and get excited.


Multisport Race

Saturday, 2nd December

31km MTB, 16km Trail Run, 15km Paddle

The race is designed for different levels of athletes. The race will start in the Lakes Entrance Oval and finishes at the same spot. First leg is 31 km mountain bike, then 16 km trail run and 15 km paddle. Do it on your own, with your mate in AR Duo category (both team members stay together for the entire event and kayaking gear is supplied) or relay team. The final little bit is the glory time run around the oval, enjoy the finish and if you have traveled with kids, get them ready for their event.

Kids Challenge

Saturday, 2nd December

1km of Running, Obstacles, Orienteering Activities, Paddle.

The Kids Challenge is a short adventure race, consisted of small running (about 1000 meters total) with orienteering like tasks (no training required), little obstacles and kayaking at the end. This will be a great idea to introduce your little one to the world of adventure racing.


Sunday, 3rd December

4km Run, 20 km MTB, 4km Run – All Navigation Based.

Sunday morning is O-Duathlon day. Comfortable late start at Colquhoun Mountain bike trails to let everyone have a relaxed morning coffee. O-Duathlon is designed with adventure racers in mind – those who cannot imagine racing without a map. Yes, this is an adventure race, but without paddling. Route between checkpoints is your choice, order of legs is compulsory, map is given at the start line. Dedicated mountain bike trails and classic Australian bush. Do not get too excited with those trails and ride faster than you think!


For more information regarding this event, please visit the event organiser's website or contact the event organiser directly.