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Sat 21st, Oct

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Take on an ultimate adventure challenge. Make your way through the adventure playground that is East Gippsland with a non-navigational challenge of mountain biking, trail running and paddling in the spectacular Mitchell River National Park. Face plenty of surprises to test your adventure skills, and bring out your inner adventure racer.

The Course







The AAF Adventure Race extracts the most adventure thrill possible from the Mitchell River National Park and its surrounds.

Competitors will begin at the Echo Bend Camping Ground event hub, darting north into the National Park for a short access trail run (2km) amid the fern jungle surrounding the mystical Den of Nargun.

A quick (50m) swim across a flat pool section of the mighty Mitchell River and it’s onto the kayaks for a 12km downriver paddle south. You’ll encounter mostly slow-moving flatwater with occasional small (grade I-II) rapids easily and safely navigated.

Halfway down, racers will come across a giant broken weir wall that soars above on river right, resembling an ancient Incan structure. Further down, nearing the river-left exit prior to a road bridge, you’ll have some fun on the Final Fling rapid (Grade II-III).

Out of the wets and cleating up, it’s onto the mountain bike for a 24km ride. A short U-turn route to get you across the bridge and back tracking the riverbank north, riders will enjoy a small gorge section before taking a big climb west into private farmlands. Ahead is a mix of farm, state forest and bush trails, including an out and back loop on Echo Bend property that uses some of the old Mitchell River Walking Track. There are two short ‘hike-a-bike’ sections: one on the traverse across to the loop (a very steep track) and another unrideable of about 200 metres at the end of the Walking Track.

Take the opportunity on the latter to stop and check the big views back over Mitchell River.

Wheeling back through the start/finish zone (you can stop to refuel, say hi to your support team), it’s now a 4WD dirt road dash to the next transition, the route weaving you up the west side of the National Park. When we say ‘dash’, there will be some tougher, slower sections with several meaty hills encountered.

Reaching a crossroad intersection, leave the bike and don the trail runners. The 14km course takes you further north on fire road before turning you back south and onto the best bits of the Mitchell River Walking Track, including gigantic vistas over the Mitchell River Amphitheatre. From here it is singletrack bliss (if the legs weren’t so tired!) all the way back along the riverbank trail to Echo Bend finish hub.

Course Map

Elevation Profile

On The Day


The notes below are included in order for you to assist with your race preparation and ensure you have the correct equipment to participate.

Spot checks to ensure participants have all mandatory equipment will occur at random on course. Not carrying a piece of mandatory equipment could result is an additional 5 minutes added to finishing times.


  • Visible bib number (provided as part of race pack)
  • Ankle transponder (provided as part of race pack)
  • 1 triangular bandage
  • 2 crepe bandages
  • Non-adhesive (non-stick) dressing
  • Pair of Disposable gloves
  • 3 x wound closure strips
  • Pain killers – Panadol/Ibuprofen/Nurofen etc
  • Any Competitor specific medication (this must also be recorded in your entry so race medical staff are aware of any potential conditions or issues)


  • All gear must be correctly sized for competitor
  • All kayak gear will be scrutinised before the kayak start.
  • Kayak (must be suitable for the level of paddler – for 1st time entrants it MUST be the same level of boat as assessed for Grade 2 certificate) – must have either structural foam pillars and two flotation/air bags or extensive watertight sealed compartments that are drainable. Minimum requirement is two rear flotation/air bags of 20 litres each – secured in the kayak.
  • River specific surf skis may be acceptable but must be signed off by River Safety before the event. They must have dedicated over-stern rudder • river specific, single skin construction on hull • river specific venturi’s
  • Ensure all equipment is safe and in excellent working condition
  • Refer video here (Choosing Your Boat) for advice on water craft.
    You may also hire your craft from Peak Adventure  via your event registration. Hired craft comes with PFD, paddle and helmet.


  • Boat number sticker attached (matching bib number – provided as part of race pack)
  • Paddle
  • Spray skirt (if sit-in)
  • Kayaking helmet designed for paddle sports
  • Buoyancy vest (PFD) securely fitting, free of defects and with minimum 50N buoyancy
  • Repair/duct tape (at least 10 m)
  • Dry-bag (must be large enough to fit all compulsory gear into – recommended volume 15L+)
  • Thermal gloves
  • Thermal balaclava or hat
  • Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed of durable material) Long sleeved PADDLE SPECIFIC jacket (minimum of neoprene cuffs)
  • Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed of durable material) pants
  • Long Sleeve thermal base layer top
  • Full length thermal base layer pants (recommended)
  • Long sleeved thermal mid layer top (with insulation properties approx. 220gsm or greater)
  • Whistle – attached to PFD
  • Foil Survival BAG (NOT blanket) – for kayak section must be carried on the person (in PFD or pocket)


  • Visible bib number (provided with race pack) on race top
  • Bike (Cyclo-cross bike not recommended but permitted)
  • Bike number plate on your handle bars (provided with race pack – cable ties provided)
  • Bike helmet


  • Visible bib number (provided with race pack) on race top

The swim leg is short (2km run then swim across to kayak transition) – 50-100 metres – but it is likely to be cold in the Mitchell River.

  • You will ‘put in’ upstream of the kayak transition located on the opposite bank downstream.
  • You will need to be able to swim confidently – you cannot touch the bottom of the river in most parts.
  • There will be adequate areas on the opposite riverbank for you to get out and make your way to the kayak transition.
  • We suggest taking the shortest route to the opposite bank, swimming diagonally downstream with the flow (not against it).
  • There will be safety paddlers on the river to assist should you require. Please do alert them immediately if you feel you are in trouble in any way. They are there to help. The flow downstream will be slow, but it is there.

You may also choose to have a small dry sack (the soft ones such as Sea to Summit) in which to stow a towel and swim across with it, or pre-stow it in/on your boat on the opposite bank when you drop your kayak. You can then dry off some on the other side.
Paddle at a moderate exertion to start with – that will warm you up. We suggest that those worried about the swim need to understand that you will likely get wet in the boat. So you do need to be prepared for the water, regardless of the swim.


  • First Place Male


  • First Place Female


  • Team Winners


  • Second Place Male


  • Second Place Female


Echo Bend Event Hub

  • 06:30

    Bag drop and race pack collection opens

  • 07:45

    Bag drop and race pack collection closes

  • 07:45

    Adventure Race briefing

  • 07:45

    22km & 55km Trail Run briefing

  • 08:00

    Adventure Race starts

  • 08:05

    Ultra 55km Trail Run starts

  • 08:15

    Bus departs for Angusvale 22km Trail Run start line

  • 09:30

    22km Trail Run start


Online registrations will be opening soon.

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