Colette McShane

Colette is a Scottish born, Aussie dynamo, fitness fanatic and busy mum, who created The HIIT Mum shortly after giving birth to her daughter Isla.

Having maintained a good level of fitness during her pregnancy, Colette wanted to help other women and men on their fitness journey and show them that it is possible to get fit fast, using both short workout methods (H.I.I.T.) along with healthy eating.

Growing up in Scotland, Colette was part of a family with a love for sport, fitness and training. Everyone in the family, from her ironman triathlete Dad to her pro triathlete sister, was into it so she was always fit. After moving to Melbourne in 2005 with her husband and becoming pregnant soon after, Colette decided to give up her corporate career and focus on her first love, the fitness industry.

After huge success and traction across the website and social pages, The HIIT Mum launched her very own fitness app in September 2014 called PTINMYPOCKET. The app has remained in the Top 5 Health and Fitness apps since launch and continues to gain new fans and followers each day.

The HIIT Mum continues to train daily and take multiple classes across Melbourne, opening her first HIIT facility, The HIIT Factory in May 2015, with many more planned around Australia and beyond. She also has her own HIIT Mum Monthly Challenge group with fans all over the world working out each day with her.

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